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Environmental Health

Children’s Environmental Health Promotion Program

Asthma Task Force

Staff of the Children’s Environmental Health Promotion program provide support to the Board of Supervisors-appointed Asthma Task Force. The Asthma Task Force is a policy advocacy group charged with improving environmental, school, and clinical care conditions for people with asthma, in order to reduce the impact of asthma. 

The Asthma Task Force vision is for San Francisco to be a model community where people with asthma, and all people, will ive in a healthy environment that promotes an optimal quality of life.

Click here for further information about the San Francisco Asthma Task Force, including work in progress, meeting and event information.

To view the Asthma Task Force's public service announcements, click here.

Asthma Task Force Reports

Pediatric Asthma Hospitalization in San Francisco: Causal Factors Perceived by Medical Providers and Family Caregivers and Proposed Interventions - August 2013(pdf)

2013 Update: Bleach-free Disinfection and Sanitizing for Child Care - January 2013 (pdf)

Asthma Task Force Report to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors: Recommendations to Promote Asthma Prevention and Control - October 2011(pdf)

San Francisco Asthma Task Force Report to the Community on Asthma - May 2008 (pdf)

Report Addendum on Clinical Care - May 2008 (Word doc)