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San Francisco Health Network

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EMS Agency

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Direct, plan, monitor, evaluate, and regulate the San Francisco EMS System in collaboration with system and community providers.


“World Class EMS for a World Class City”


  • We exist to provide the best possible emergency care to the residents and visitors of the City and County of San Francisco at all times and in all places.
  • Competent medical care must be provided with compassion and regard for human dignity to all persons, regardless of ethnicity, race, creed, gender, economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or response to our care.
  • Patients who are competent have the right to determine what shall be done with their body and to receive or refuse medical service and to know the consequences of their decision.
  • We are accountable for providing medical care to the best of our ability and for accurately documenting our care.
  • Patients and colleagues must be dealt with in an honest and truthful manner in all matters pertaining to our prehospital care.
  • The highest standard of professional conduct must be maintained with providing medical care, including respect, confidentiality and maintenance of personal competence and teaching other members of the prehospital community.
  • We are responsible for upholding the standards of the profession and for participating in activities that contribute to its growth and improve our community.
  • We must obey and respect the law and not participate in any professionally unethical activities. We refuse to let personal considerations such as economic gain or convenience influence our provision of patient care, and we refrain from activities which may impair our professional judgment and our ability to act competently.
  • Our EMS system, organization, supervisors, peers and subordinates deserve our utmost loyalty.
  • Where conflicts of interest arise, our professional judgments should always be guided by our ultimate obligation which is to our patients and the public that we serve.
  • We are committed to accomplishing our job; and that commitment stems from the desire to be the best we can possibly be and the affirmation of all the preceding elements of this code.