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Stop hepatitis in San FranciscoThe San Francisco Perinatal Hepatitis B Program

The San Francisco Perinatal Hepatitis B Program was created in 1991 to eliminate the perinatal and household transmission of hepatitis B.

  • Each year, 150-200 infants are born to hepatitis B surface antigen positive (HBsAg+) women in San Francisco
  • Without proper intervention, up to 90% of these infants will develop lifelong (chronic) HBV infection
  • Of those with chronic infection, 25% will die prematurely of liver cancer or liver disease

The SFDPH Perinatal Hepatitis B Program is a confidential program that follows cases of HBsAg + women to ensure that:

  • their children receive HBIG and their first dose of Hep B vaccine within 12 hours of birth,
  • the subsequent hepatitis B vaccines are administered at age 1 month and age 6 months,
  • household contacts are offered the opportunity to learn more about hepatitis B and be vaccinated,
  • post-vaccination serology is conducted to ensure seroconversion.

As a practicing OB/Gyn or family practice physician, your role is vital in that you:

  • SCREEN all pregnant women for hepatitis B surface antigen. (Mandated by State law, SB 2691, Chapter 1376, Statutes of 1990)
  • SCREEN any patient at the time of delivery when her hepatitis surface antigen status is unknown. (Mandated by State law, SB 2691, Chapter 1376, Statutes of 1990)
  • REPORT to the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Perinatal Hep B Program all cases of HBsAg positive women who reside in San Francisco and are pregnant, as soon as their status is known. (Required by the California Administrative code, Title 17 section 2500-2512. (Report form is an Acrobat file.)
  • HIGHLIGHT HBsAg positivity in all medical records.
  • VERIFY that positive test results are successfully transferred to the hospital newborn nursery, the pediatrician, and the obstetrical service.
  • INFORM your patient about her HBsAg + status and encourage HBsAg + expectant mothers to participate in the SDPH Perinatal Hep B Program case management.

For further information about the San Francisco Perinatal Hepatitis B Program, please contact: Ligia Afu-Li, Perinatal Hep B Program Coordinator, ph: (415) 554-2834, fax: (415) 554-2579,