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Inside the Department

Office of Policy and Planning


The mission of the Office of Policy and Planning (OPP) is to promote and support capabilities for community health improvement, informed policy analysis, and comprehensive strategic planning for the Department in achieving its vision to promote and protect the health and well-being of all San Franciscans.


The Office of Policy and Planning conducts strategic planning to guide the work of the Department of Public Health. As an integral part of its role, the OPP supports and promotes data resources to inform the Department's program planning, development, and monitoring.

Functions & Activities

The Office of Policy and Planning:
  • Monitors, researches, and analyzes public health data, information, and policy;
  • Produces public health reports and policy briefs;
  • Advocates on behalf of consumers and their health needs;
  • Identifies emerging needs and issues and develops strategic plans;
  • Recommends and implements improvements to public policy actions through legislation, policies, plans and programs (also see state and governmental affairs); and
  • Staffs, coordinates, and/or leads public health projects, partnerships, and initiatives.
  • House both the Health Impact Assessment Program and Climate and Health Program.