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Methamphetamine Task Force

San Francisco is experiencing a significant rise in the number of individuals using methamphetamine, an increase that is occurring alongside heightened concern around fentanyl. Since 2008, the overdose death rate involving methamphetamine in the City has risen from 1.8 to 11.5 persons per every 100,000 San Franciscans. Given the various challenges facing San Francisco, there is a clear and urgent need for a focused effort by the City to identify the appropriate services, treatment, and prevention efforts to address this evolving trend.

Beginning in Spring 2019, Mayor Breed and Supervisor Mandelman will convene the Methamphetamine Task Force, coordinated by the Department of Public Health. The Task Force will be multi-disciplinary and multi-sector, with members including medical and public health professionals, researchers, substance use disorder treatment providers, emergency responders, criminal justice and law enforcement officials, drug policy experts, and current and/or former substance users.

In Fall 2019, the Task Force will release a comprehensive report with recommendations on harm reduction strategies to decrease and manage methamphetamine use, identify best practices for treatment and service options for current users, and develop policy recommendations to reduce the medical and social impacts of methamphetamine use on San Franciscans. The Task Force is an opportunity to further support cross-departmental collaboration, increase public awareness of substance use and abuse, and examine cost-effective strategies to better manage the impacts of methamphetamine use on the City's systems and its residents.


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