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Environmental Health

Children’s Environmental Health Promotion

Asthma Patient Education

The Children's Environmental Health Promotion program can provide the following services and information to San Francisco Health Network providers and their clients regarding asthma.

  • Education
    • Basic facts about asthma (i.e. anatomy and physiology)
    • Function of asthma medications, importance of correct usage, possible side effects
    • Warning signs and early symptoms of an asthma attack
    • Asthma triggers and ways to reduce and control them
    • Consumer information about asthma and allergy products (e.g. what works and where to get it)
    • Educational booklets, information sheets and videos
  • Skill building
    • Evaluation of how patient uses their MDI, spacer, and/or nebulizer
    • Feedback and instruction on the proper use of the above mentioned devices
    • Instructions on how to use a peak flow meter and how to record/monitor peak flow measurements
    • Review of the asthma action plan and its use
    • Assistance in developing an action plan to reduce/control asthma triggers within the home
    • Assistance with the implementation of environmental control measures
  • Assessments
    • Assessments of asthma medications: what kinds of medicines are in the home and how to use them
    • Environmental home assessment (which may include allergen measurement)
  • Allergy control products
    • Micro-filtration vacuum bags
    • Mold and dust cleaning supplies
    • Filters for vents
    • Mattress and pillow covers
  • Referrals
    • Referral for building/environmental health problems (code violations, mold, cockroaches, rodents)
    • Referral to social, health and other resources as needed