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Environmental Health

Apartment Inspection Program

Environmental Health's Apartment Inspection Program provides a coordinated and comprehensive approach to preventing health problems caused by unhealthy environmental conditions in multi-unit residential buildings. The goal of the Apartment Inspection Program is to ensure that multi-unit apartments maintain safe, sanitary and habitable conditions at all times. In addition, our staff can provide training and other resources. If we do not have authority to correct a hazard, we can help residents by making referrals to other public agencies and health professionals. Where possible, we provide services in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tagalog.

Principal Activities and Services

  • Conduct routine inspections of multi-unit housing. Health Inspectors ensure that minimum levels of sanitation are being maintained by property owners by looking at common areas, yards, garbage storage areas and lobbies for signs of infestations and other hazards.
  • Conduct home visit inspections for asthma patients who are referred by their health provider and conduct a one-time home survey visit to identify common environmental asthma triggers and help residents achieve solutions.
  • Conduct home visit inspections for families with lead-poisoned children and educates on lead in the household.
  • Evaluate complaints about a variety of legally prohibited public health nuisances, including overgrown vegetation, accumulation of garbage and debris, and animal nuisances. The Department also works with the City's legal team when necessary to gain property owner compliance.

Related Agencies

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Making a Complaint

You may get more information about typical problems related to property conditions including how to make complaints to the correct agency.

If you would like to make a complaint regarding an environmental health issue with your housing, you may call 311, or if you are calling from a cell phone or outside the county, dial (415) 701-2311.

311 City Customer Service Agency - Service 24x7

San Francisco Department of Public Health Environmental Health Branch