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Office of Equity, Social Justice & Multicultural Education

Provider Resources

The Office of Equity, Social Justice & Multicultural Education strives to promote and embed the Federal CLAS Standards into the policies, procedures and makeup of mental health programs among both civil service clinics and community-based organizations. As public and nonprofit programs go about addressing cultural competence in their own ways, we support those efforts through consolidation of information and having standardized reporting procedures that are simple to follow. Coordinating with the Business Office of Contract Compliance, these Cultural Competence reporting tools have become incorporated into the Administrative Binders that agencies complete on an annual basis, further emphasizing their importance to improving service delivery.


CLAS Standards Checklist

The National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) are the benchmark for improving both quality and equity in the provision of health care. It is with these in mind that BHS clinics, programs and CBO partners continually work to eliminate the health disparities in access, and ultimately the outcomes, for different communities along the lines of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc. The CLAS Standards Checklist (linked below) provides agencies and programs with an outline of steps they can and should take to go about that effort in breaking down barriers. Progress can be made by becoming more aware of the community they serve, as well as the internal programmatic areas that must adapt to better connect with said community.

Annual Cultural Compentence Plans



Cultural Competence Tracking System



Cultural Competence Community Advisory Board (CAB) Questionnaire



Language Line Posters:

BHS policy stipulates that in the reception areas of all civil service clinics and program sites, there must be signage prominently displayed indicating to the public that they have access to interpreters in their desired language at no cost to them.

Language Line has provided signage and posters featuring the same message in dozens of different languages.  Please contact Michael for hard copies (poster with easel for placement on counter or paper Language ID Guide).
Language ID Guide



Providers and programs within DPH-BHS have access to division resources for translation and interpreter services that can be requested from a Cultural Competence Analyst:

Phone: 415-255-3426



Interpreter/Translation Services

Those requesting the above-mentioned services must also complete the Requisition Form accessed in the link below. Please submit the requisition (either hard copy or digital form) to the CC analyst