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AB 75


CHIP Hospital Program - Patient Information


Persons without health insurance and who are unable to pay for their medical care may be able to have their hospital services paid for by the CHIP Hospital Program. For FY 2003-04, six local hospitals will receive CHIP funds to pay for indigent services including the following:

  • California Pacific Medical Center
  • Chinese Hospital
  • The Medical Center at UCSF
  • St. Francis Memorial Hospital
  • St. Luke’s Hospital
  • St. Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center

Notices are posted in CHIP hospital emergency rooms, patient financial eligibility offices, etc. informing the public of the availability of CHIP funds. CHIP hospitals have limited funds and decide for which patients and in what amounts the funds will be used each fiscal year.

Persons interested in receiving benefits from the CHIP Hospital funding should either contact the patient financial eligibility office of the respective hospital or call the AB 75 Project at (415) 558-4037.

Patients seeking benefits must fully cooperate with hospital administrative staff to determine that no other health insurance coverage exists for the services received, prior to payment using CHIP Hospital funds.